Hi, I just want to tell you about my stylish friend, Tiffany. Now I don’t normally suffer from indecision or lack of confidence in my choice of clothing, but for all my special occasions and even smaller events, there is no one else I trust more to give me an honest critique on what I have chosen or am choosing. Case in point – my son’s wedding – I had an outfit in mind and showed my darling friend and was told honestly but tactfully, “I could do better” and how terribly correct she was. This is certainly something that you do need if you are engaging with a stylist – honesty. So Happy Styling Ladies! Jennifer

Hi Tiffany, Thank you so much for the summary you sent me. It is great and I have read over it several times . It is so exciting to have a structure and direction. It was really helpful to get your input on jeans and jackets and I am wearing the jeans everyday. I had a go last week finding myself some tops using your suggestions too. Overall, the two hours with you was a transformative experience, I am grateful for your style wisdom! Thanks again. Warm Regards Sheryl

Hi Tiffany, I recently went shopping for a dress to wear to a casual wedding. I tried three shops. I didn’t settle for ‘this will do’. I persisted and kept searching. I ended up finding a fabulous dress that I feel amazing in. Before I met you I would have given up and just purchased a ‘this will do’ dress. Not anymore! Your advice during the wardrobe review and shopping experience was fantastic. I now feel confident when I shop for clothes, looking at all the details I wouldn’t have noticed before. Thank you for all your advice, you have no idea how our time together has helped me. Warm regards Tracey

Dear Tiffany, I wanted to email to thank you so much for the amazing experience. I have given your details to various people I have talked to who have asked what happened to me! It has been an amazing few months as I have slowly added clothes to my wardrobe and loved shopping. My kids marvel at how I now am interested in belts, bags, shoes and all things shopping. I look great (if I can say so myself!) and thoroughly love how I look. I look forward to dressing every day and get compliments regularly!!! Thanks, Cassey

Hi Tiffany, Thank you so much for your work with me. I actually feel like a new person. I feel like you have opened my eyes to what I need to look for when buying clothes for myself. I no longer run around in the shops buying clothes that don’t suit me and getting depressed about my body shape. It has been an incredibly uplifting experience and inspired me to hire a personal trainer to work on my fitness as well. Thank you for spending that time with me and being honest. I am following your blog and Facebook posts now. Cheers, Sarah

Hi ! I just wanted to take a moment to write you, to thank you. You have made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself. You gently encouraged me to see myself in a new light, a far kinder light. You encouraged me to look for my best features instead of fixating on my worst. You encouraged me to be bold while still staying true to who I am. You encouraged me to take care of myself. All of this in a styling session?! I have read so many ridiculous fashion magazines over the years, but you influenced me more in a matter of a couple of styling sessions. Now every day I take care in the clothes I choose, that reflect how I feel and who I am and the life I lead. When I shop, I make wise choices and wear every item I buy. When I head out into the world, I feel confident and like myself, and never feel frumpy any more. So thank you, Tiffany, for making me feel great. I truly appreciate it, and I look forward to having another session! Debbie x