Wardrobe Review

Now that we have identified your individual seasonal colour palette and body shape, and worked together a mental list of garment colours, shapes and styles that will look fantastic on you; it’s time to see the existing clothes that you have, and plan what you may need for the future.

Studies have found that women wear only 20% of the items in their wardrobes 80% of the time.

It is likely that you will have a wardrobe full of clothing, yet you feel that you “have nothing to wear”. Perhaps your clothing no longer fits your body or your current lifestyle. Maybe the majority of your wardrobe is outdated or not suitable for a special occasion you need an outfit for. It is likely that many of the items were buying mistakes in the first place! Often the reason for a wardrobe filled with inappropriate clothes is the simple fact that they have been purchased in haste to meet an immediate need, and accumulated over years without any consideration to an overall wardrobe plan.

This is where I will fit in.

What do the clothes in your wardrobe tell me about you? How you think of yourself and the way in which you want others to think of you is reflected by the way you act and dress. Of all the signals we send out to others, the strongest indicator of who we are, who we think we are, and who we want to be, is through clothing. This becomes our “image”, and it is my job to be receptive to your individual image in order to achieve the best result for you.

Personal styling is not about leaving you with a wardrobe filled with goodies that I would like to own. It is about leaving you with a wardrobe that speaks to you. Together, we will systematically work through your current wardrobe and spend time to analyse why you like and dislike certain garments, and why you look and feel better in some outfits more so than others. This will not only help you in selecting new wardrobe pieces in the future, it will also allow me to learn all about your personal sense of style. We will be able to highlight any image issues that seem to be underlying your choice of outfit or accessory. We will not simply look at a few of the most popular outfits in your wardrobe that you own; we will delve further back into your wardrobe and analyse the barely-worn items, and the accessories you wear with your outfits to help understand your overall look.

Once we both have a clear idea about what you would like to achieve, we will try every little thing on in your wardrobe and evaluate each item in terms of whether it represents your personal style, whether it fits and flatters, and its condition. This will allow you to see exactly what you have in your wardrobe and should give you more pieces to work with to produce some excellent opportunities for a “new” look. I will then be able to help you identify the items that could be added to your wardrobe to not only re-vamp your image but ensure that dressing each day becomes easier and more enjoyable. It is certainly possible to achieve a much loved and working wardrobe for you through planning and understanding your personal image and your sense of style – all at a fairly minimal cost.

Just to reassure you, our time together is completely confidential and I will not judge or criticise, but instead will give you my honest thoughts and advice. I am here to help, support and encourage you. There may be times when you disagree with my ideas, which is both fine and normal. After all, it is about you and how you feel the most confident and comfortable, not about how I want you to look. I might suggest items you could add to your wardrobe, but I certainly will not pressure you to go out and buy new clothes. That is entirely up to you, when you are ready and when your budget allows. I also will not pull things out of your wardrobe and throw them out. I may suggest something does not suit you or the image you want to portray, but at the end of the day it will be up to you to decide whether you want to discard it. I am gentle, yet assertive with my advice. It is meant to be a cleansing and renewing process, but it is also supposed to be enjoyable and fun.

Imagine opening your beautifully organised wardrobe each morning knowing it is full of options that work for you.

By completing a Wardrobe Review, I can help you – 

  • Gain clarity on what items to keep and feel confident in letting go and making space for smarter purchases
  • Discover items in your wardrobe you may have forgotten about that can be altered and reinvented
  • Develop a fresh outlook on your existing wardrobe and know how to create new outfits with what you already own
  • Save time dressing each day by owning a tidy, organised wardrobe that you know only contains pieces you love
  • Know what’s fashionable and current
  • Discover your own individual sense of personal style (if you don’t already know what it is!)
  • Feel good about yourself and lift your self esteem and confidence
  • Figure out the missing gaps in your wardrobe and develop a shopping list to work from next time you shop

A Wardrobe Review with me includes – 

  • Pre-session research and preparation
  • A thorough review of the items in your wardrobe
  • Advice about how to best organise your wardrobe
  • A written summary of what we cover including tips for dressing for your colouring and body shape
  • A recommended shopping list of things that could be added to your wardrobe to complement what you already own and to fill identified gaps
  • Follow up email support post consultation
  • My travel expenses to and from your home

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* Everyone has a different sized wardrobe, therefore, it is impossible to anticipate how long it will take to work through absolutely everything. I aim to get through your Wardrobe Review within 3 hours, however, if you have a larger wardrobe it may take longer. I do intend to teach you as much as I can in the time we have, so that in the future, you will be able to continue editing your wardrobe on your own.